pack of 6 white beeswax tapers
6 pure white beeswax taper candles

6 hand poured 100% beeswax taper candles - white

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This listing is for (6) of our 100% white beeswax candles.

These are colonial shaped tapers. We use 100% white beeswax.  There is no added dye, additives, or fragrance. We use only cotton wicks.

Because of its high melt point, beeswax candles are one of the most dripless and smokeless you can buy. Just make sure the candle is on a flat level surface, and free of drafts, and each candle will burn for 5 hours or longer, depending on the environment where you are burning.

Candles are approx. 6 inches long from end to end. You will receive 6 tapers in this listing.
Please note* Because these are handmade, there may be slight variances in the candles from batch to batch. No two candles are exactly the same, and candles may have irregularities in them from the molds, which leads to the handmade look and feel. 

Bottom of candles are slightly larger than average store bought tapers, so we have a tool that will shape the bottoms to fit in most holders. If you do not want them shaped, leave us a note at checkout.
Packaged together as a pair, and labeled for easy gift giving.

Proudly made for you on our Montana Homestead!