wild mountain honey room spray

4 oz Wild Mountain Honey room spray

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A fragrant bouquet of wildflowers and greenery that is topped off with sweet honey.

We make our own room and linen base, to offer the most natural sprays we can for your home. With minimal ingredients, and high quality fragrance oils, our sprays will fill your space with our lovely scents. A little goes along way.

They work great in your car, closet, bathroom, or kitchen to quickly eliminate unpleasant odors or freshen your home before guests arrive. Works great to freshen curtains, bedding, furniture, or other materials that may have lingering odor from pets or cooking. 

You will receive one 4 oz. room & linen spray with each listing purchased.  Sprays come in a 4 oz. amber brown bottle, with a white gloss label.

Proudly handcrafted for you on our Montana Homestead.

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing, as many products are made after you purchase them.

* some fragrance oils can stain certain fabrics.  Always test a small area first.  Although our room and linen spray base is skin safe, some oils may irritate your skin.  Thus, they are not labelled or intended to be used as body spray!