All natural hand rolled beeswax taper candle - pair
pair of all natural beeswax rolled taper candles

Pair of hand rolled beeswax taper candles - natural color

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Our hand rolled, all natural beeswax candles are a beautiful addition to any decor.  

They have a natural honeycomb texture, and are a lovely off white/cream color.  Each candle is approx. 8 inches long.

Because of its high melt point, beeswax candles are one of the most drip-less and smokeless you can buy. Just make sure the candle is on a flat level surface, and free of drafts, and each candle will burn for 6-8 hours or longer, depending on the environment where you are burning.
You will receive 2 tapers in this listing.   Colors of the natural wax can vary from batch to batch. The candles you receive may vary slightly in color from what is shown in the pictures.

Please note* we hand roll your candles after you place your order to offer you the highest quality products, so please allow 5-7 days to process. Also, because these are handmade, there may be slight variances in the candles from batch to batch. No two candles are exactly the same, which leads to the handmade look and feel. Candles may have a slight variance in diameter. Again, they are hand rolled.

Proudly made for you on our Montana Homestead.