jasmine scented wax heart
jasmine scented wax heart in gift bag

Jasmine heart shaped wax tart

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The Jasmine flower- associated with Love. Symbolizes beauty and sensuality. In some cultures it represents appreciation and good luck. And when used in religious ceremonies it represents purity. 
Jasmine. Our newest wax hearts listed today. Perfect gift for a special friend or simply gorgeous wedding favors.

You will receive 1 large wax heart in this amazing fragrance. We hand pour the wax into individual heart molds. Jasmine flower petals are added to the wax, creating a beautiful scented display in a dish, a bowl, or on top of potpourri. 

Each tart weighs about 2 ounce each. It is approx. 3” x 3”. 
Our tarts are made with a custom soy/beeswax blend to allow for a stronger scent hold, and a longer lasting tart. Use the tarts in your electric or tea light melters, or just display them on a dish or in a bowl with filler.
Tarts are packaged in a cellophane bag and labeled for easy gift giving.
Proudly made on our Montana homestead!