Lavender Sage scented soy candles
Lavender Sage pure soy candle in square mason jar

Lavender Sage

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The unmistakable scent of Lavender, softened ever so slightly with the simple, clean fragrance of Sage. A truly divine combination!

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CANDLES ~ We use only American grown soy wax for our candles. The candles are made in small batches and each is hand poured, one at a time, to ensure we are providing consistent quality. We offer true 100% soy candles. We do not use soy blends, and there are no additives or dye.

16 oz. Mason jar - a pint sized mason jar. Approx. burn time of 80+ hours.
8 oz. Mason jar - with a rustic brown lid. Approx. burn time of 40-60 hours.
Tea Lite Candles - Come in (2) packs of 6 candles. Each pack is labelled. Approx. 4-5 hours burn time per candle.

WAX MELTS ~ We make our own custom blend of pure soy and all natural beeswax. This blend allows for a stronger scent hold, and a longer lasting tart. Using these natural waxes also allows for a cleaner, truer fragrance to come through.

You will receive (2) wax clam shells PER order. There are 6 cubes in each clamshell. So, 12 cubes total!

ROOM & LINEN SPRAY ~ We make our own room and linen base, to offer the most natural sprays we can for your home. With minimal ingredients, and high quality fragrance oils, our sprays will fill your space with our lovely fragrances. A little goes along way.

Comes in a 4 oz. amber brown bottle.

Most products are made to order. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing.  Shipping is via USPS Priority mail, which is 2-3 days.