soy candle with vintage Montana map label

Old Montana Map candle - 12 oz. clear glass jar with cork top

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This would be a beautiful gift for all those that love this state....

The label is created using a vintage map of Montana from 1930.  Candle is made in our 12 oz cork topped jars.  You can choose any of our current scents.

 The jar holds approx. 12 oz of wax, and you can expect 60-80 hours of burn time on this size candle.

Our candles are pure, all natural soy. Candles will be in their natural wax color with no added dye. We do not mix any other additives to the wax, and we never add paraffin. We offer true handmade,soy candles, providing you with the some of the highest quality soy candles on the market.

Proudly handcrafted for you on our Montana Homestead.

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing, as these candles will be made after you purchase them.