vanilla caramel wax truffles for your wax melters

Vanilla Caramel Wax truffle melts

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 Our custom blended VANILLA CARAMEL TRUFFLES scented premium wax melting tarts. The inviting aroma of a delectable sweet, caramel candy treat. Top notes of buttery vanilla and the irresistible scent of creamy caramel combine in this heavenly fragrance. You will receive 5 "truffles" in this amazing fragrance. Each tart weighs about 1/2 ounce, and is re-dipped in wax and coated with pure cane sugar. Making these "truffles" lovely to look at, even if you do not melt them!

Our tarts are made with a custom soy/beeswax blend to allow for a stronger scent hold, and a longer lasting tart. Use the tarts in your electric or tea light melters, or just display them on a dish or in a bowl with filler.
Tarts are packaged in a cellophane bag and labeled for easy gift giving.
Proudly made on our Montana homestead!